Monday, May 18, 2009

Beans in the Sun Oven

I have a friend who told me how to cook beans in the sun oven. We are not bean eaters so I filed it in the back of my mind to try one day. Today was that day! What becky told me to do was put the beans in a pot (black), rinse and sort. Fill pot twice as high as the beans and put it out to cook. EASY RIGHT? Yep!

Hard to believe beans could be that easy. No soaking or anything. I put them in at 11AM pointed them towards the sun and left. I was gone for a while and returned at 1:30 ad turned the oven. Left again, came home and checked the beans, they were soft. I added some onion (dried), garlic (fresh) and salt and pepper. Left again and just took them out at 5:45pm. No worrying about boiling over or if they are cooking long enough. Stick them in and move the oven around a bit and wah-la you're done.

In the oven

Close up. I used black beans and some northern beans.

Below is my bread I like to make in the Sun Oven


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Sherry said...

I would like your sun oven bread recipe. I purchased a sun oven 3 months ago and haven't tried to make bread in it yet. Thanks