Monday, May 18, 2009

Beans in the Sun Oven

I have a friend who told me how to cook beans in the sun oven. We are not bean eaters so I filed it in the back of my mind to try one day. Today was that day! What becky told me to do was put the beans in a pot (black), rinse and sort. Fill pot twice as high as the beans and put it out to cook. EASY RIGHT? Yep!

Hard to believe beans could be that easy. No soaking or anything. I put them in at 11AM pointed them towards the sun and left. I was gone for a while and returned at 1:30 ad turned the oven. Left again, came home and checked the beans, they were soft. I added some onion (dried), garlic (fresh) and salt and pepper. Left again and just took them out at 5:45pm. No worrying about boiling over or if they are cooking long enough. Stick them in and move the oven around a bit and wah-la you're done.

In the oven

Close up. I used black beans and some northern beans.

Below is my bread I like to make in the Sun Oven


Monday, March 9, 2009

Life Caps 72hr Challenge

Some of you may have heard about LIFE CAPS. They have been talked about on Good Morning Utah. They are the worlds first Survival Capsule. I have decided to try the 72 hour challenge. I will go without food for 3 days and use the Life Caps only with water, to simulate an emergency. I have 72hr kits in my house, but what if something happens while I am out? And my kids can take these, well eat the powder (sweet fruity flavored).

Life Caps are taken with water and are 100% absorbed in the blood stream in 20 minutes giving you a full feeling. I will be blogging my experience over the next few days.

You can find more info at . If all goes well and I like the results, I have survived, I will do a group order.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Downloads and files

About a month ago I started a GOOGLE GROUP. I post files and send out emails through it. You can find dozens of great files that range from Alcohol stoves to homemade cheese. I am finding new things and adding them. If you are interested in getting emails, you can join the group or you can just book mark and come back regularly. More the merrier!

Hope to see you there.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Great video

Be sure to turn off the music below so you can watch this video.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Silly Silly People

Silly Silly People

Noah told the people that the rain was going to fall
Noah told the people they better get on the ball
Noah told the people to repent and turn to God
Cause God had, had it up to here and the wicked He would trod

Those Silly Silly People, why were they all so blind?
We certainly, would never be, a people of that kind!

Lehi told the people that Jerusalem would fall
Lehi told the people, but all they did was stall
Lehi told the people, to repent and turn to God
Cause God had, had it up to here and the wicked he would trod

Those Silly Silly People, why were they all so blind?
We certainly, would never be, a people of that kind!

Samuel told the people as he stood upon the wall
that Christ would come in five short years and save them from the fall
Samuel told the people to repent and turn to God
Cause God had, had it up to here and the wicked he would trod.

Those Silly Silly People, why were they all so blind?
We certainly, would never be, a people of that kind!

Our prophet tells the people that there's not much time at all
Our prophet tells the people, they better get on the ball
Our prophet tells the people to repent and turn to God
Cause God has had it up to here and the wicked he will trod.

So if we look into our pantry's and find that they are bare
and if our scriptures on the shelf, show not wear or tear.
Could we be silly people? Are we possibly that kind?
That we refuse to hear our God, could we be "Oh So Blind?"

Copyright 2009 Susan Edwards and Roweena Rymer

Sunday, November 23, 2008

THREE more banks failed on Friday

Three more banks failed on Friday with a combined 214 branches.

The total is now at 22 for the year. Wondering how this rates for the past 8yrs? check out this list.

Here are the number break downs:

2000 - 2 banks
2001 - 4 banks
2002 - 10 banks
2003 - 3 banks
2004 - 3 banks
2005 - 0 banks
2006 - 0 banks
2007 - 3 banks
2008 - 22 banks

Check out (sorry the embedded link isn't working) to see the banks that have failed since 2000.

Don't forget about CITIBANK who is going under as of today (I believe). Will the Fed bail them out? Tomorrow should be interesting! I hope everyone has been preparing for hard times. They are HERE!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Apple Box Ovens in Payson

Today we had the opportunity to go to another ward and give a presentation. Scott gives a monthly preparedness class and a gal comes from Payson. She was impressed by Scott's Emergency Heating and Cooking one and asked him to give the presentation to her ward. She asked me to give a presentation on the apple box ovens . We were delighted! If we can help one person get moving on emergency prep stuff our time is well worth spent.

I asked my SIL to babysit and my mom to help with the apple box direction and food prep. Thank you! We couldn't have done it without you! We showed up at the church at 8:30 and got the charcoal started and ready for the food. Kathleen, prepared a pizza(her stone was too big for the oven, so she improvised!), two loaves of bread and cinnamon rolls. YUM! Carb heaven! My mom and I had never tried cooking in an apple box oven in November. It was 29* when we got there...brrr! Luckily it warmed up to almost 50* before noon! (today * means degrees)

We first gave the demo of HOW you cook in it. Showed them all the pieces parts and got the ovens preheated. AS we got the food in Scott began his presentation. Scott, goes through so much work for his presentations. He researches untill he is blue in the face and can't see straight. Lucky for him, this was the second time for this presentation.

The pizza was done first. Kathleen, Elaine, and I were in the kitchen chatting and my mom came in and told me the pizza temp was down at 200*, The look on Kathleen's face was priceless! She said "but it is supposed cook at 385*. Five minutes later I brought in a perfectly cooked pizza. She breathed a breath of fresh air. She had not wittnessed the cooking. She didn't see it was doing fine at the 200*. Yes, it lost heat which is not optimal, but it cooked well at a lower temp, just longer. It was so worth the excitement I witnessed today on her face alone.

Next were the loaves of bread. I wish I had taken pictures of the food, as proof you can bake in a box. The bread was BEAUTIFUL! Kathleen, can really make bread! Yes, it took longer than the kitchen oven, but it was delish! The cinnamon rolls, were beautiful too. After the pizza, I believe everyone believed.

It is such a great feeling knowing you can cook with something so simple. Store some charcoal and your good to go. It is rewarding to see eyes light up in understanding.

Thank you Kathleen! Today was a great day!